Our Programs - Educational Offer

Listed below you can find the programs offered by Advanced Computing Institute to the public (click on the titles for detailed information about each program).

Please note:

  • all the units making up the computer-related Academic Diploma Programs are fully transferable to our corresponding Associate Degree Programs and, as part of a nationally accredited curriculum, are generally considered for transfer/credit granting at higher education institutions (colleges and universities);
  • students who graduate the English as a Second Language Program at an accredited school (such as Advanced Computing Institute) are generally considered English Proficient, and usually are not required to take additional English language classes when applying for admission at higher education institutions;

Academic Diploma Programs

Computer Business Information Systems - Data Processing and Data Processing Technology
Computer Aided Drafting and Design - Computer Graphics
Computer Electronics Technology - Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications
Computer Systems and Programming - Information Technology
English as a Second Language - ESL Program


Associate Degree Programs

Associate of Science in Business Administration
Associate of Science in Web Development
Associate of Science in Networking Technology
Associate of Science in Computer Information Technology


Medical Assistant Programs

Medical Assistant with Acute Care Nurse Assistant
Medical Assistant with Medical Information Systems
Medical Assistant with Rehabilitation Nurse Assistant

- ma-acna
- ma-mis
- ma-rna