F-1 & M-1 International Students

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. (Title 8 Code of Federal Regulations Section 214.3(j))

Advanced Computing Institute is proud to have a culturally diverse student population and receives applications for admission from all over the world.

Applicants under the F-1 or M-1 International Student category must usually comply with additional requirements mandated by Federal regulation, and can apply for enrolment at our school only in one of the programs listed below for each corresponding visa status category (click on the titles for detailed information about each program):

To be considered for admission under the F-1 or M-1 International Student category, generally applicants must provide the following documentation and information (any document containing any language other than English, must be submitted along with a certified English language translation):

- copy of the identification/biographical page of valid passport;

- if currently present in the USA, copy of the US Visa, Form I-94 (electronic printout), and any other documentation evidencing nonimmigrant status/classification;

- information regarding current address in the USA (if applicable) and abroad;

- documentation proving graduation of at least secondary or higher education, i.e. copy of high school or university diploma and transcripts (foreign accredited educational institutions are accepted);

- documentation proving the availability of financial resources, or support, to meet the tuition and living expenses to be incurred while studying the proposed course of study; such documentation may include, but is not limited to copies of bank statements, proof of income, shares, securities, annuities, sponsorship, etc. available to the applicant in the USA or abroad; it is estimated that for one year of study at our school, candidates might spend approximately $4,700.00 annually for school tuition and fees (after applying all the institutional credit granted to all non-resident students), as well as $8,000.00 for living expenses;

Any student registering for classes at Advanced Computing Institute must take our school's English Language Test to demonstrate English proficiency and be eligible to pursue the desired program, or for those enrolling in the English as a Second Language Program, to determine the level/class to be assigned to.

Additionally, any student registering in a computer-related program must also pass our school's Entrance Exam, which tests the candidates' basic mathematics and logics skills.

All candidates admitted at Advanced Computing Institute must participate in a Student Registration, and a New Student Orientation Session before starting the desired course of study.

Please note, all the above information is only general, and there might be additional requirements and restrictions applicable on a case by case basis, depending on each candidate's particular status. It is strongly advisable to call us, or schedule an in-person appointment with an international admissions advisor, to clarify all the details pertaining to your application for admission at Advanced Computing Institute, before submitting any documentation or information to us.